Exodus 3:1-12

In the heat I speak
As the fire burns I call
I call because I know

I know your oppression
I hear your cries, feel your sorrows
Experience your grief

In my son, Jesus, I know

The world calls you to division
To strife
To death

I call you to life

To faith in Jesus
To Jesus’ mercy, forgiveness, and healing
To the land of milk and honey

Flames scorch and torch
Passions consume and doom
Anger blinds and binds

I call

You who hold power
You who are seeking power
You who are trampled by power

I call

In Jesus I call you
The lion to lie down with the lamb
The dead from hell to life

Amidst the flames I call


According to George Rossidis, the illustration above is a reproduction of the icon of Moses and the burning bush held at the holy Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai.  The original icon was created in the beginning of the 13th century.